Travel Tips to The Cayes


When a traveler speaks about the cayes, they usually refer to Ambergris Caye or a Caulker Caye, being the two largest (the former is larger than the second) in the region. Ambergris Caye is richer and is a favorite in package tours, while Caulker is smaller and more suited for backpackers.

What to Pack?

Because of its tropical Caribbean climate, applying waterproof sunscreen is necessary any time you are doing an outdoor activity such as taking a walk or diving. Sandals, so you can easily take them off and feel the sand under your feet; also bring a swimsuit, sneakers for walking around, and do not forget to bring comfortable light-colored, sun repellant clothing.

How to Get Around

Buses are quite frequent and cheap. There are also some express buses, but the distances are not too long. To go to the cayes there are ferry services (water taxis) throughout the day.


The official language of Belize is English, although the predominant languages are Spanish and Belizean Creole.


One US dollar is worth twice the Belizean dollar. It is recommended that you bring small denomination dollars, so you can do your shopping everywhere.

How to Get There?

To travel to this heavenly country, you can do it from Mexico or Guatemala. Browse through travel agencies for information of tourist packages that are best for you.

What to Do in Belize?

Upon reaching Ambergris Caye or Caulker you can snorkel, swim with manatees and barracudas that feel comfortable being approached by visitors. Those who like sailing can sign up for a trip to the different islands to fish.

You can hike through the beautiful forests, walk along the canals filled with crocodiles, know the Mayan pyramids and enjoy bird watching just 30 miles from the city.

Let yourself be captivated by the beauty of Belize!


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